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Verse of the Day Reflection - September 24 2021 (Bible Verse of the Day Reflection) - Matthew 6:33 NIV " Seek First His Kingdom" | Give Thanks To The Holy One

 GIVE THANKS TO THE HOLY ONE Verse of the Day September 24, 2021 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. REFLECTION Prayer Praise be to you, Lord God. Thank you so much for this day with your care and love for me and my loved ones. And also, to all the people who listen and obey you, my brothers and sisters in faith.  Lord, forgive me of my sins and continue to live in your presence. Please help me, to resist temptations and stay away from events that will keep you away from me. May you give me wisdom and strength so that I may spread your Good News to the brothers and sisters in faith as a reminder. Thank you, Lord, for your Son Jesus Christ as the sacrifice to atone for our sins. Forgive us Lord for our sins that caused His suffering, crucifixion, and death. May we always take to heart and ponder His teachings and example as a guide in our journey to you, Lord God. All praise and worship are only for you our Almighty God