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Give Thanks To The Holy One - Bible Verse of the Day - August 20 2021 Reflection

GIVE THANKS TO THE HOLY ONE BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY AUGUST 20 2021 FRIDAY Isaiah 26:4 Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. REFLECTION Sharing Praise You, Lord God! Thank you so much for this new day. Thank you so much for your strength, blessing, and love for us, Lord. All praise and worship are for you alone our Father.  Trusting in our Lord means that we surrender everything to Him, no matter what happens in our lives. Whether it is not according to our will or plans, we hope it will all go well in His manner. Even if we do not understand what is happening we can expect the Lord to work for our good. He is our rock of refuge. In the time of trial, problem, pain, and hardship that we experience in our lives we can hope that He is always there. He is ready to help and sustain us in our daily trials. Let us not forget to come to Him and pray humbly. We ask for His help because He is the only one who can best help us to overcome any trials we f